Ecommerce Website Design

Ecommerce Website Design For Your Needs

There are many factors for you to consider when looking to design your ecommerce website. The more experience your team will have in designing for your future sales and marketing needs, the better results you will see from your Ecommerce campaign. Here at 770 King Marketing we offer creative solutions for your Ecommerce website design needs. With dozens of live websites that are seeing great success in various fields, we can place you with a unique and easy to use platform.

Here we would like to take this opportunity and share with you several steps that are crucial for a successfull Ecommerce website design and marketing campaign.

Easy to find products and navigate the Website

Our experience as online shoppers is the key for making an Ecommerce website successfull. When you make it easy to navigate and find certain products on your website, shoppers are more likely to purchase it. We like to have everything handed to us, and your Ecommerce website should provide the adequate solutions with an easy no navigate menu and products that are seen on the various pages with proper relavency.

In depth product description

Now that finding your products in the Ecommerce website is easy, it is important to elaborate about it. We, as shoppers, like to get as much information as we can about what we are purchasing. That means sharp title for the products with in depth description of the product using relavent keywords to attract the right shoppers. That will provide you with higher turn over ratio and longer page visits that will increase your overall website score.

Also, adding professional photos of all angles and corners of your products give the shopper a better experience and mroe trust in the product. Therefore, a professional presentation will get your closer to the results you are looking for.

Have a shopping cart feature

Now that you captured the attention of your shoppers and got their trust its important to offer them a great experience of payment as well. It is vital to offer a shopping cart on your website as it will increase the odds of your shopper to buy more than one product.

Product at high demand

We have found that offering the shopper your products with the understanding that it is at high demand will create extra value in the product. In addition, there are many more techniques to add value to your online products which ultimately lead to more sales and the success of the website.

Checking out

Now that the shopping cart is full and your shopper is ready to exit, make sure he can check out in carious of ways to answer to everyone’s needs. That means offering many payment options for your buyers to easily click on the purchase button and make it a successfull shopping spree.